FOCO International Day  of Peace
Friday  Sep 22 7 PM 
Old Town Square Fort Collins 

An Interfaith and ecumenical gathering to commemorate the UN International Day of Peace.

(Just South of Laporte and East of College Ave).

PC(USA) International Peacemaker Delegate Nora Arsenian Carmi

Born in Jerusalem in 1947, Nora Arsenian Carmi, is a Palestinian Christian who became a refugee in her own city, divided after the establishment of the Israeli State. From her late father, Noubar Arsenian, a genocide survivor of the Armenian Massacres of 1915, and her Christian upbringing, she learned the value and sanctity of human life as she grew up in the land termed “holy” where conflict and strife have prevailed over the six decades of her life. Nora has served as community builder in Palestinian society in both professional and voluntary capacities, advocating for a just peace and empowering women and the community through skill development and spirituality. Her career has included leadership with the YWCA of Palestine, Sabeel Liberation Theology Center and Kairos Palestine. She travels extensively, speaking in church and political circles around the world about the urgency of ending the injustice in Palestine and Israel. Nora has served on the Steering Committee of the Christian Peace-Makers Team (CPT) and on the boards of the International Parenthood and Family Planning of the YWCA and the Coalition for Jerusalem. She currently serves on the Palestinian Islamic Christian Commission, the National Association for the Visually Handicapped and the Advisory Board of BILDA, the Swedish diaconal movement. She represents Palestine and the Middle East on the Executive Committee of World Day of Prayer International, is involved with the National Coalition of Church related organizations (NCCOP), is a member of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches, and is an organizer of the annual World Week for Peace for Palestine and Israel (WPPI). Nora has received multiple honors for her empowerment of women and community work. In 2009 she was chosen to address His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the Holy Land and in 2015 she was among the delegation privileged to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. Despite the pain of Palestinian suffering, Nora believes that peace begins with a smile (Mother Theresa of Calcutta) and continues to contribute as long as she is able. She was married for 45 years to the late George “Yorgho” Carmi and has two children, Ivan and Natasha.

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