Youth Against Militarism

Youth Against Militarism Introduction

Youth Against Militarism is a group of students, parents, teachers, and community members.  The mission of Youth Against Militarism is to set boundaries for and provide alternatives to the military influence on youth at schools and in the community. We have been meeting since the Fall of 2004 and have had sweeping successes in the Poudre School District.  We also have trained draft counselors who can help young people explore alternatives to the military and put together a conscientious objector file. We welcome participation from all who share our mission.

Talking to Recruiters

10 Things to Remember when You Talk to a Recruiter

  1. Do not make a quick decision by enlisting the first time you see a recruiter or when you are upset. A recruiter is a salesperson who may give only a positive, one-sided picture of life in the military. Don't make this important decision when you are depressed, hard up for work, confused, unsure about your future, or pressured by your family. This decision affects many years of your life; don't make it lightly.
  2. Take a witness with you when you speak with a recruiter. There is a
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